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Is it wrong to have a personal hug partner

The short answer is a resounding … no.

The longer answer is no as long as, you feel physically and emotionally comfortable with it and you do not put yourself at any physical or emotional risk

Many people take hugs and cuddles for granted especially if they are in a loving relationship or have family and friends who are comfortable with hugging. However there are also lots of people ,for whatever reason don’t have the physical non-sexual connection with other people that they would like.

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One-to-one hug partners can be a great thing for those who feel it appropriate. It may seem a little strange even considering the possibility of having an extended cuddle with someone you don’t really 1 2 1 cuddle buddyknow but in reality if it feels right for you and it fulfills one of your wants or needs then it must be something to consider.

Non-sexual physical contact is completely natural between just about every species on the planet. Many animals have physical contact with each other during play, grooming or simply socialising. Humans are no different. However society can make it difficult by telling us that it is wrong or unacceptable to simply hug a stranger. And while I totally agree that you wouldn’t want to go up to a stranger in the street and invade the physical space, one-to-one hugging between two people of the same mind can fulfill a need and increase well-being.


Just about every rule that applies to taking part in a cuddle group also applies to one-to-one cuddle sessions. View rules  and FAQ. You may also find these articles on saying no and setting boundaries interesting and helpful

Choosing your cuddle partner

Remember your cuddle partner is not a potential romantic partner so you do not need to be attracted to them. Of course some kind of connection is helpful and will allow you to feel more at ease especially the first time you meet. You will possibly have a preference as to whether your cuddle partner is male or female and may also prefer that he/she is thin, well built, tall, short or is older, younger or about the same age as you. These things may seem important but to be honest rarely determine the quality of the session also well-being effect it may have on you. But as I have said elsewhere in this article your physical and emotional comfort is important and so you may want to consider these points.

What happens during a one-to-one cuddle session

Let me start by saying what does not happen during a cuddle session.  No sexual behaviour of any kind should happen during one-to-one cuddle sessions. This includes intimate fondling or kissing. The cuddle session should never happen naked.

Okay having said that cuddle session between two people obviously involves physical contact to a greater or lesser degree. Some people will want nothing more than sitting beside the other person and caressing the hands and arms maybe even a relaxing foot massage. You see a one-to-one cuddle session doesn’t need to involve too much actual full body cuddling. It is more about the touch connection between two people which is something that often gets neglected especially if you’re not in a relationship. If your cuddle session doesn’t involve lots of full body hugs and cuddles and you feel comfortable with this then just relax and enjoy the well-being experience of someone else’s body next to yours. Don’t be afraid to chat and have a bit of a laugh. A one-to-one cuddle session isn’t therapy and so the more fun you can have the better. Of course you may want to just be silent the choice is yours, but what I am saying is there is nothing wrong with some chat.

Some people will have just one cuddle session with a cuddle partner and others will want to have regular sessions. You may only have one session because it did not live up to your expectations or you may stop having cuddle sessions because you enter into a relationship which meets those needs.

Your cuddle session will be fully clothed but make sure you are wearing loose fitting comfortable clothes

It may be a good idea to talk to your cuddle partner a bit when you first meet about what you want and need during cuddle sessions. Some cuddle sessions which last an hour might involve you simply laying still with you cuddle partner for the whole time. You may also talk about your day, life, work or even about the news. Some cuddle sessions even happen in front of the TV just sitting on the couch. If you have more than one cuddle session these may vary depending on your mood.

Staying safe

A final note. It is important to make sure that you are physically and emotionally safe before during and after your cuddle session. Take your time choosing a cuddle partner and talk to him/her before making your decision. Ask as many questions as you want and if after chatting with a potential cuddle partner it doesn’t feel right for you then take it no further.

Where to meet for your cuddle session is up to you but it will probably be in one of your houses. If you go to your cuddle partner’s house then tell someone where you’re going. You may even feel ok about your cuddle partner coming to your home. Whichever you decide think about this carefully before committing.

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